zhou hui qun



The basic information

zhou hui qun

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor



Awards Information

1, has won the ministry of science and technology progress award, but also won the northwestern polytechnical university undergraduate graduation design outstanding paper guiding teachers, excellent practice guidance teachers, outstanding master thesis instruction, teaching quality 3rd award, etc..

Scientific Research

      1.digital design and manufacturing of complex products

      2. rapid prototyping manufacturing

      3.optimization design

      4.flexible manufacturing systems;

      5. computer-integrated manufacturing technology

      6.green design and manufacturing

Academic Achievements

     1. zhou huiqun,mo rong.feature-based description for box-parts information. mechanical science and technology.1998 (01) pp.104-106+117

    2. zhou huiqun,mo rong,fang wei. development of an inspecting system for nc machine program correctness. mechanical science and technology.1998 (06) pp.149-151+166

      3. zhou huiqun, li yindi. inspecting error of nc order with computer. modular machine tool & automatic manufacturing technique. 2000 (09) pp.23-25 

     4.zhou huiqun, yang jianhua.feature studying under the integrated environment of cad/cam. mechanical science and technology. 2000 (06) pp.177-178+181 

      5. zhou huiqun, liu xiao. based-autocad for verified on nc machining track. machinery & electronics. 2000 (04) pp.68-69

    6.yang jianhua, wu zifang,zhou huiqun. a software system for auto-generation of part-list and its information management. mechanical science and technology. 2000 (06) pp.182-184.

     7. liu huan, zhou huiqun, li rihua. research on rapid prototyping layering method based on genetic algorithm.  electromachining & mould,2013 (01) pp.41-43+51

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      9. li rihuazhou huiqunliu huan.the regiontype simplification method of stl model based on patch culling. electromachining & mould, 2013 (02) pp.46-50

    10. li rihuazhou huiqunliu huan a method of realizing different types of tolerance distribution  between cad model and the corresponding rapid prototyping part. electromachining & mould, 2013 (03) pp.40-42+46

      11. liu huanzhou huiqunli rihua.research on rp layer internal path optimization algorithm for the solid model. electromachining & mould, 2013(04) pp.55-59

    12. zhang qi, zhou huiqun, wang xiuting.the application of concave polygon subdivision algorithm to rapid prototyping. electromachining & mould, 2012 (05) pp.45-47+67.

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16. yang jingzhou huiqunkou weiguang. a study of nesting with finite circles method and its complete envelope.   mechanical science and technology.2011 (07) pp.153-156+160

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20. qiu yuanqing , zhou hui qun , zhu shanshan , yang yihu. topological reconstruction and errors repair of an stl model using hashing. mechanical science and technology. 2009 (06) pp.101-104+108

     21. niu qun-lei, zhou hui qun, ma yan. study of involutes spur gear module based on unigraphics.science technology and engineering. 2007(13) pp.233-236

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27. wu-qing,zhao xin-bo,zhou hui-qun. detection of vane defects based on markov random field model. application research of computers. 2006(09) pp.193-194+218

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    30.qi zhang, huiqun zhou, jing yang, xiuting wang.study on the scanning entity reconstruction method of rp reverse engineering. advanced manufacturing technology. march 27-29,2012

Social Appointments

1 science and technology consulting expert in jiangsu province. 

2 "journal of zhejiang university (engineering edition)" reviewers.  

3 "mechanical science and technology," reviewers.

4 "aviation manufacturing technology" reviewers.

5 "ministry of education science and technology development center: china science and technology paper online" assessment expert.

6 senior training teachers of autocad software in the united states of america autodesk.