zhou shuang



The basic information

zhou shuang

School of Foreign Languages



Associate Professor

Vice Dean

Work Experience

· Full-time teacher in the School of Foreign Languages, Northwestern Polytechnical University (July 2000 – July 2002, July 2004 – to date)

Courses taught: College English (reading, writing, speaking, listening), British Culture, Intercultural Communication

· Party Branch Secretary (December 2015 – to date)

     Responsibilities include organizing and managing Communist Party's activities in the Branch of College English Department, etc. 

· College English (year 1) Course Director (September 2013 – Janurary 2016)

   Responsibilities include college English course teaching and research management, related documents making, etc.  

· British and American Culture Course director (September 2007 – 2014)

    Responsibilities include the course syllabus design, teaching plan, testing and assessment. 

· Cambridge Business English Test (vantage) examiner (2006 – to date )

· Associate Professor (2014 – to date)  

· Lecturer (2006 – 2014) 


Education Experience

· MA in English language teaching (October 2002 – June 2004) in the School of Education of the University of Nottingham

· BA in English (September 1996 – July 2000) in the Department of Foreign Languages of the Northwestern University in China

MA dissertation: A Study of Vocabulary Learning Strategies on A Class of First Year Students in Northwestern Polytechnical University of China and Its Classroom Implications  

Awards Information

· A 1st prize in Prominent Young Teacher, Northwestern Polytechnical University (2014) 

· A 2nd prize in Outstanding Achievements in Teaching at Northwestern Polytechnical University (2012)

Achievement: Multi-teaching-Method Practice on Fostering Students’ Overall English Language Skills

· Prominent teacher of the year, Northwestern Polytechnical University (2011)

· A 2nd prize in Outstanding Achievements in Teaching at Northwester Polytechnical University (2010)

Achievement: British and American Culture Course Construction

· A 2nd prize in Outstanding Achievements in Teaching at Northwestern Polytechnical University (2006)

Achievement: Speaking English Teaching Model Construction and Practice 

Scientific Research

· Research participant (September 2016 – 2018)

      Research project: the Implication of the Ecological Thoughts in Post-Mordern American Novels upon China's Ecological Civilization Developmentfunded by Shaanxi Publicity Department 

· Research participant (September 2013 – 2015)

   Research project: Career Opportunities of Foreign L MStudents in Shaanxi Province, funded by Shaanxi Education Department

· Research participant (September 2011 – 2016)

  Research project: Cultural Infiltration into College English Language Teaching Directed by the Interactive Teaching Theory, funded by China Ministry of Education

· Project leader (September 2016 – 2017)

  Research Project: Teaching Reform of College English Course (Band 3), funded Northwestern Polytechnical University

· Project leader (September 2014 – 2016)

   Research Project: A study on College English Intercultural Communication competence cultivation  under the Education Internationalization Background, funded Northwestern Polytechnical  University 

· Project leader (September 2010 – 2012)

   Research Project: A teaching Experiment on New Standard English Coursebook Sets in Northwestern Polytechnical University, funded by Northwestern Polytechnical University  

Academic Achievements


· British Society and Culture. Xi’an: Northwestern Polytechnical University Press. (2013) (1st author)

· American Society and Culture. Xi’an: Northwestern Polytechnical University Press. (2012) (2nd author)

Journal articles:

· Cultural infiltration into college English language teaching directed by the interactive teaching theory. Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Social Sciences Edition),32, 111-114. (2012)

· Investigating the use of English vocabulary learning strategies in web-based and multimedia learning environments. International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-long Learning, 22, 185-196. (2012)

· A comparative and contrastive study of the teaching and using of Vocabulary learning strategies at college in different learning environments, web-based and multimedia versus traditional. Journal of Ningxia University (Humanities & Social Sciences Edition), 33, 174-178.  (2011)

· Speaking English teaching model construction and practice at college. Higher Education of Sciences, 66, 133-135. (2006) 

General Introduction

Ms. Shuang Zhou is a teacher of college English in school of Foreign Languages at Northwestern Polytechnical University in China. She completed her MA in Nottingham University in the UK and BA in China. Her MA thesis focused on vocabulary learning strategies, which has been her major research interest since then. Her participations in some research projects in recent years have generated another interest of hers: intercultural learning and communication competence development. She is pleased to discuss research issues raised from these fields and classroom pedagogies.