ZHU Ji-Hong



The basic information

ZHU Ji-Hong

School of Mechanical Engineering




Party Secretary


Education Experience

1996-1999 YangZhou Middle School, Jiangsu Province

1999-2003 School of Educational Reform, Northwestern Polytechnical University

2003-2006 School of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University 

2006-2008 Laboratory of Aerospace Techniques, University of Liege, Belgium

Awards Information

  1. 2014 Young Scientist Award of CJK-OSM
    Topology Optimization of Assembled Aircraft Structure with Joint Load Constraints
  2. 2014 Young Scientific Star of Shaanxi Province
    Integrated Layout and Topology Optimization for Aircraft Structures
  3. 2012 First Sci & Tech  Prize of Shaanxi Province
    Optimization Theory of Integrated Design and Cutting of Complicated Thin-wall Structures
  4. 2012 First Sci & Tech  Prize for Universities of Shaanxi Province
    Integrated Structural Layout and Shape Optimization Methods
  5. 2009 Second Sci & Tech  Prize of Shaanxi Province 
    Innovative Strucutral Lightweight Design Methods
  6. 2008 Excellent Student Prize of CSC
    Integrated Layout Design for Multicomponent systems
  7. 2007 CADLM Young Researcher Prize 2007: Intelligent Optimal Design
    Simultaneous Design of Components Layout and Supporting Structures Using Coupled Shape and Topology Optimization
  8. 2007 Candidate of ISSMO/Springer Prize
    Optimal Design of Complex Multi-component Layout  

Scientific Research

Optimization design for aircraft structures, Integrated layout and topology optization for aerospace structure systems

Academic Achievements

  1. Zhang Y.H., Zhu J.H.*, Moumni Z.*, Van herpen A., Zhang W.H., Energy-based fatigue model for shape memory alloys including thermomechanical coupling. Smart Materials and Structures 2016, 25: 035042 (SCI & EI)
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Social Appointments

Academic Committee Member of Association of Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization